Watanabe Pipe Co., Ltd.
Experts providing solutions
for waterworks, housing,
and agriculture
with construction technology
and services.


About Us

Our business takes a two-pronged approach. The first is as a distributor within the waterworks and residential sectors, while the second is in agricultural construction. The Waterworks and Residential Division is a one-stop distributor for pipes and fittings, housing equipment, electrical products, and other construction materials. The Green Division specializes in the construction of greenhouses and operation of cultivation systems, farm operating services, R&D, and sales. Watanabe Pipe is the social infrastructure pipeline between these two areas.

Water & Residence

The one-stop distributor for Waterworks, Residential Equipment, Facilities, Electric materials, civil construction materials, and the rest of the construction materials.


Contractor for agriculture supplying greenhouse, fertilizer, cultivation systems, farm operating services, and other solutions to the farms and Agri-products dealers.