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Brand Concept

Brand Story

For a vibrant and comfortable living environment
through waterworks, housing, and agriculture.

It all started with the delivery of a single pipe to a waterworks site. Today, we offer everything from single pipes to the construction materials for a whole house, and from greenhouses to cultivation systems for agriculture.

This is all to create a better future.

Water, housing, and agricultural infrastructure is essential to vibrant and comfortable living.

Through the SEDIA SYSTEM, we are a pipeline supporting the development of infrastructure. We are constantly striving to revitalize the industry and improve standards of living by providing value to both customers and manufacturers.

We support vibrant and comfortable lifestyles by connecting water, housing, agriculture, and other social infrastructure.

Business Field

We bring together essential infrastructure related to water, housing, and agriculture to create a better life.

We aspire to be a pipeline
for improving daily life.

The Good Life

Providing a Bountiful Life, Together with Our Stakeholders

We, Watanabe Pipe, guarantee manufacturers high-quantity sales through our nationwide network, as well as assuring construction companies and builders quality distribution and timely delivery. Our distribution system SEDIA SYSTEM delivers value to both manufacturers and construction businesses. Contributing to the betterment of society is our responsibility and our mission.

Providing a Bountiful Life, Together with Our Stakeholders

The Aspiration Behind the SEDIA SYSTEM


The Story Behind the Name

"Service&Engineering Dialogue System"
The name SEDIA refers to the creation of a beneficial distribution network for both manufacturers and construction businesses by engaging in dialogue through our service and technology.

The Story Behind the Logo

The typeface used in the SEDIA logo becomes bolder towards the right side, illustrating the flow of blessings from the headwaters downstream. The circle represents our precious earth, harmony amongst people, and the circle of virtue.