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Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection On Our Website

Welcome to the website of Watanabe Pipe Co. Ltd. ("Our Website").
Please read carefully the terms and conditions below before using our website.

Personal Information Protection

Watanabe Pipe Co., Ltd. (“We”) is committed to protecting your personal information and respects your privacy rights. We follow the privacy policy below when handling your personal information on our website.

We firmly acknowledge the importance of your personal information, and our commitment to its protection is a fundamental principle of our business and social responsibility.
Handling of Personal Information
We have established standards for collecting and using personal information appropriately, as well as regulations to handle personal information. We enforce these standards strictly. We have also established internal governance and specific regulations to prevent unauthorized access to personal information and the loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information.
Organizational System
Based on our regulations for handling personal information, we have established an information security project led by the Compliance Committee to develop an organizational system ensuring compliance with personal information protection within Watanabe Pipe.
Acquisition of Personal Information
When acquiring personal information, we publicly announce or notify the purpose of use. Also, when acquiring personal information directly from the person in a contract or other document (including electromagnetic records), we clarify the purpose of use in advance and obtain the information lawfully and fairly.
Use of Personal Information
Use of personal information is limited to the purposes and scope that have been clearly indicated at the time of acquisition. Personal information is used appropriately within the scope necessary to satisfy purposes of use.
Purpose of Use for Personal Information
We will use personal information for the following purposes

(1)Personal information about our customers

【Our purposes of use】

  • ・Identification and authentication;
  • ・Sending products, invoices, and prizes to campaign winners;
  • ・Replying to inquiries, requests, complaints, repairs, and support, as well as confirming and recording such correspondences;
  • ・Product development and service improvement;
  • ・Enhancing user experience of our digital services (i.e. websites and mobile applications);
  • ・Sending commercial communications (i.e. advertising products and services, promotions) by means such as letters and e-mails;
  • ・Analysis of demographic information and access logs to ascertain customers’ interests and preferences;
  • ・Offering a safe and secure environment while using our products and services. This includes detecting and notifying users violating the Terms of Use, as well as investigating, preventing, and dealing with misconducts such as unauthorized access and fraudulent misuse of services;
  • ・Analyzing browsing and purchase history to deliver customized services and advertisements;
  • ・We may occasionally use third-party information, such as preferences and browsing history, in conjunction with personal information already within our possession. In such cases, we will obtain prior consent and use the information within the scope of the aforementioned purposes.

(2)Personal information of business partners (or their officers and employees)

【Our purposes of use】

  • ・Communications, executing contracts, and conducting business negotiations;
  • ・Management of business partner information.

(3) Personal information of job applicants

【Our purposes of use】

  • ・Contacting and providing information to applicants and other uses necessary for employment and recruitment.
Ensuring Accuracy
We take appropriate measures to ensure that your personal information is accurate and up-to-date.
Security Control Measures
We securely manage your personal information, taking precautions and safety measures against misconduct such as unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage.
Company Training
We provide in-house training to ensure awareness of our policies and rules concerning personal information.
Supervision of Subcontractors
We may share your personal information with third parties within the scope of legitimate use. We mandate that our contractors securely manage personal information to standards equal to those at Watanabe Pipe and sign confidentiality agreements.
Restrictions on Third-Party Provision
We will not share your personal information with any third parties without your consent, except for the limited reasons specified below:
(1) To remain in accordance with laws and regulations;
(2)When cooperating with government bodies under special circumstances;
(3)When consigning business to subcontractors within the scope of legitimate use;
(4)When used by our group of companies within the scope of legitimate use;
(5)When it is vital for the protection of the life, body, or property of an individual and consent cannot easily be obtained;
(6)When it is crucial to improving public health or promoting the sound growth of children and consent cannot easily be obtained.
Disclosure and Correction of Personal Information
We will promptly respond to requests for inquiries, corrections, account suspensions, or deletions after user identity is confirmed using the prescribed procedures. If you have any questions about this policy or wish to exercise your rights, please get in touch with us using the contact information provided below.
Compliance with Relevant Laws, Regulations, and Guidelines
We comply with Personal Information Protection Act, related laws and regulations, and industry guidelines.
Review of Personal Information Handling Regulations
We constantly review and improve our Privacy Policy and its implementation system to ensure ongoing effectiveness and appropriateness.
Links to third-party websites
This policy only applies to data within our website. While there may be access to third-party websites that may be accessible through our website, we cannot be responsible for personal information that third parties access through use of their websites.

Supplementary Provisions

【Date of implementation】

Date of Enactment April 1, 2005
Date of Amendment April 1, 2022

Contact for inquiries regarding this privacy policy