We provide various solutions essential to agriculture,
from greenhouses
and fertilizers to cultivation systems and farm services.

Production facilities and materials are essential for farmers,
and the Watanabe Pipe Taiwan Green division responds to our customers' diverse requirements
with a complete set of processes,
from professional precision greenhouse planning and design to construction.

  • Greenhouses
  • Parts and materials
  • Cultivation equipment
  • Production materials


We offer diverse types of greenhouses to work with any environment and crop.

UK-type greenhouse
A UK-style tube greenhouse that is easy to build and flexible enough to meet a range of needs.
V type and W type greenhouse
Thin frames maintain the high light quality in this greenhouse, which also has superior ventilation performance. This type of greenhouse can also be laid with an F-CLEAN film.
Glass greenhouse
The main frame uses H-shaped steel frames. Our exclusive Gassho-style rafter construction also creates better light transmission.

Greenhouse Structure Design

Please call us directly for details. Knowing more about you – such as your environment, crops, and additional facilities – helps us to provide better service.


Greenhouse Parts and Special Greenhouse Films.

Greenhouse Parts and Materials

Please call us directly for details on parts and materials.

Cultivation equipment

We help reduce labor burdens by enhancing the overall environment of high-quality planting through elevated cultivation equipment and by linking water and drainage systems.

Elevated Cultivation Facility

Please call us directly for details. We can provide better service the more we know about you and your needs. The design of elevated cultivation facilities, such as water supply and drainage systems, will vary according to the environment and crops.

Production materials

Mulch products: Multi-functional mulch sheet products that can be decomposed naturally. Available in assorted colors.
Power Fertilizer: Our wide variety of products in the Power Fertilizer range allow us to work with you to identify the best fertilizer for your specific needs.

Mulch products

Please call us directly for details of suitable mulch product specifications. We provide better service if we know more about you, such as your environment and crops. Depending on the environment and the needs of your crops, suitable mulch specifications may vary.