Oct 26, 2023


BAMBOO EXPO 19 – Japanese Fine Interior Materials


editor: HS

BAMBOO EXPO started in 2011 as a unique exhibition in Japan that gathers various items used for stores and commercial facility design, such as, interior and exterior materials, equipment, furniture fixtures, signage, lighting fixtures, art, and more. It is held twice a year, in May and November.

In this article, we introduce you some fabulous items that we found during our visit to the May 2023 exhibition.


NURUDENIM is a GOMITAIJI's plaster product which was upcycled from denim scraps wasted from denim clothes manufacturer.

When the product gets old, it can be revived for plastering by kneading with water because of it doesn’t include any adhesive.

feelt - abode

feelt is a abode’s product label that uses FEELT BOARD. FEELT BOARD is a unique material which combines the soft texture of felt and hardness touch like wood.

At the booth of abode, there were many colorful products with a gentle touch, such as animal-shaped hanger hooks, small organizers, and bathmats, which seem to create a delightful space.

The polyester used as the raw material for rigid felt is made from recycled fibers, such as PET bottles, making it an environmentally friendly product.

Interior Washi Paper - OSADA WASHI

Interior Washi Paper is an OSADA WASHI’s interior product series which are made of Japanese 'washi paper'.

It utilizes the unique characteristics of various materials used in washi paper production, such as kozo (paper mulberry), mitsumata (paper bush), ganpi (clove-like bush), and hemp, to create custom-made washi paper products ranging from vibrant designs to calm and subdued ones. There are also a wide variety of designs available for fusuma paper and Japanese paper accessories.