Feb 28, 2024


Takara Standard- Emawall

Emawall - Enamel Panel for Interior Decoration

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Emawall is an interior panel product by Takara Standard, made of enamel.
Enamel, a material known for its aesthetic durability due to its combination of glass and metals, can be utilized in various settings, including apartment and office building entrances, hospital and elderly care facility interiors, as well as hotels and commercial spaces.

Creating Realistic and Grand Expressions on Walls

Image credit: https://www.takara-standard.co.jp/product/other/interior_public/

EMAWALL can be seamlessly installed as a wide wall. Additionally, it can be printed in a wide range of colors and patterns to respond to diverse spatial coordination needs with realistic expressive power.

Moreover, it accommodates the production of panels with original designs such as artworks or patterns with a storyline. With the excellent characteristics of enamel, Emawall proposes new possibilities for space creation.


Thanks to its glass-like surface, dirt does not penetrate into EMAWALL. Simply wipe off dirt with water, and its beauty can be preserved
Image credit: https://www.takara-standard.co.jp/product/emawall/interior_house/

It can serve as a whiteboard or notice board in meeting rooms, hospitals, or hotels. Oil-based markers can be easily erased, and paper documents can be posted on it with magnets.
Image credit: https://www.takara-standard.co.jp/product/other/interior_public/

An Excellent Choice for Healthy Living

Because enamel does not emit formaldehyde or other harmful chemicals that can cause sick building syndrome, it contributes to creating a safe and secure space.

Resistant to Dirt and Odors
It repels dirt and mold, which are common causes of unpleasant odors. In places such as hospitals, elderly residences, and restaurants, it enables the creation of a healthy environment that is free from odors.

About Takara Standard

Takara Standard is a Japanese manufacturer and supplier of kitchen and bath equipment. With a rich heritage dating back to 1912, they began their journey in crafting enameled products.
In 1962, they achieved a significant milestone by developing the world’s first kitchens adorned with exquisite enamel finishes.