Mar 27, 2024


FUKUSHIN – Automatic Up & Down Cabinet

Automatic Up & Down Cabinet Deluxe-Type - An Electrical Pull-Down Shelf for Upper Kitchen Cabinets

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Automatic Up & Down Cabinet Deluxe-Type is an electric pull-down shelf designed for upper kitchen cabinets and manufactured by FUKUSHIN ELECTRIC Co., Ltd, a Japanese company.

It provides generous storage space and is user-friendly, boasting the following specifications:
■ One-touch activation for raising and lowering (Automation)
■ Automatically stops when an overload is detected (Safety Sensor)
■ LED illumination
■ Maximum load capacity of 25kg

There are five types available for various applications, with seven different opening widths ranging from 90cm to 180cm, as described below.

Five Options for Different Applications

1.Tableware Drier and Storage Cabinet
Opening widths: 90cm
Store tableware and cutting boards immediately after washing. They can be dried using hot air.

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2.Small Utensil Storage Cabinet
Opening widths: 90, 120, 135, 150, 165, 180cm
Provides efficient storage of cutting boards, cloths, and paper towels used daily.

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3.Water Drainage & Storage Cabinet
Opening widths:90, 120, 135cm
The upper shelf is for storage, and the lower shelf is for draining water. It can also be used for temporary storage and other purposes before setting the table.

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4.Bacteria Sterilizer, Drier & Storage Cabinet
Opening widths: 120, 135cm
Uses hot air for drying to sterilize cloths and cutting boards. Possible to dry and store tableware right after washing.

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5.Sectioned Cabinet for Sterilizing/Drying, Water Drainage & Small Utensil Storage
Opening widths: 150, 165, 180cm
Sections for sterilizing and drying, draining water, and storing small items.

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Founded in 1957, Japan-based Fukushin Electric Co. Ltd mainly produces auto spare parts, housing equipment, industrial equipment, and aircraft parts. They manufacture and sell electric vehicles and automatic feeding machines. The company also provides original equipment manufacturing services for housing equipment, lighting fixtures, automotive parts, and other electronic products