Apr 02, 2024


NICHIEI INTEC- Rakutsuri Ace

Rakutsuri Ace - Piping Support Metal Fitting

editor: AK

Rakutsuri-Ace, a distinguished component within NICHIEI INTEC’s portfolio, represents a specialized metal fitting meticulously crafted for piping support. Often referred to as suspension bands or suspension fittings, this essential product plays a pivotal role in supporting horizontally running pipes suspended from ceilings.

Rakutsuri Ace has firmly established itself as the go-to solution for piping projects, owing to its uncompromising quality and cutting-edge features. Its reliability and innovative design make it a standard choice for modern construction endeavors.

Advanced Features

Sit & Fit System:
The Sit & Fit System facilitates temporary pipe positioning before the final installation.
By strategically shifting a hinge off-center, pipes can be temporarily secured in place, eliminating the need for supplementary support structures—especially when dealing with heavier pipes. This innovative approach streamlines the installation process and ensures stability during the transition from temporary to permanent placement.

The Magic Piece, designed to secure bolts horizontally, acts as a safeguard, preventing bolts from dislodging even after the nuts have been removed. This ingenious solution ensures that the bolt remains perfectly level, thereby streamlining the process of fitting bands with ease.

Bolt Detent Function:
The Bolt Detent Function serves for ensuring that the bolt maintains stability during the tightening process. By deftly eliminating any co-rotation, it not only enhances precision but also significantly boosts the overall efficiency of the tightening procedure.


NICHIEI INTEC, a leading manufacturer of metal fittings for piping support, stands out for its unwavering commitment to quality and decades of relentless technological advancement. Their exceptional products, exemplified by the acclaimed “Rakutsuri” Series, have not only set new industry standards but also dramatically streamlined labor-intensive piping tasks at construction sites.