Sep 27, 2023


SANEI – cye

cye - SANEI's Designer Faucet Collection

editor: AK

cye is one of the SANEI's designer faucet collections designed by Makoto Tanijiri, a Japanese architect who is evaluated not only in Japan but also in overseas. His design is known for its unfinished aesthetic.

cye - Adding A Touch of Color to the Daily Lives

cye is the product which is pursued simplicity and rationality of faucets to the fullest for enhancing usability. Its nostalgic yet new form and design is the result of the pursuing.

The timeless and vintage-inspired design adds a touch of color to the daily lives.

Portfolios of cye

cye provides its portfolios as the following.
■Single one hole spray mixing kitchen faucet series
■Single one-hole washbasin mixing faucet series
■Single one-hole bathroom mixing faucet series
■Thermostat shower mixing faucet series


SANEI LTD., a Japanese manufacturer specializing in faucet fittings, primarily manufacturing and selling plumbing products, was founded as an assembling and wholesaling of plumbing supplies in 1954. In the late 1960s, they started their own factory production. The Japan-originated shower-equipped hot and cold-water faucet became a pioneering hit product ahead of its time as indoor baths became popular in households across the country.

Currently, they provide the faucets specializing in design, such as MONOTON series designed by Mr. Eiri Iwakura, SUTTO series designed by Yasumichi Morita, and CYE series designed by Makoto Tanijiri.