Mar 22, 2024


Maezawa Kyuso Industries Co., Ltd. – KP Joint

Features of Maezawa Kyuso Industries Co., Ltd.'s KP Joint

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A KP Joint serves as a crucial connection point between sections of PEX pipes.

Maezawa Kyuso Industries Co., Ltd.'s KP Joint offers convenient installation features. It can be easily set up using just two wrenches, without the need for specialized equipment or power sources. This precision-engineered mechanical coupling consists of three essential components: the Box Nut, Split Ring, and Joint Body.

When the Box Nut is securely tightened, the Split Ring firmly grips the pipe, ensuring an airtight seal and effectively preventing any unintended disconnection or slippage.

It is one of the most reliable connections for water supply and hot water piping that eliminates the need for rubber gaskets, ensuring high reliability without experiencing thermal expansion and contraction over time.
Additionally, it resists rust and corrosion.

KP Fitting Header Manifold

KP Fitting Floor Flange

Functional Safety

Human Error Prevention:
The Split Ring has no directionality, allowing it to be installed in either direction. There is no possibility of installation error.

Visual Confirmation Function for Pipe Insertion:
Correct insertion of the pipe into the Joint Body can be visually confirmed through the Insertion Check Window on the Joint Body.

Anti-Rotation Function:
Thanks to special processing, inserted pipes will not rotate with the Box Nut during tightening.

Visual Tightening Verification:
No torque control is required when tightening the Box Nut.
Optimum tightening is achieved when the Split Ring protrudes from the end face of the Box Nut. A built-in stopper prevents excess tightening; the box nut stops upon hitting the Joint Body.

The joint can be easily repaired by simply replacing the Box Nut and Split Ring; the Joint Body remains usable.

About Maezawa Kyuso Industries Co., Ltd.

Maezawa Kyuso Industries Co., Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer of water supply equipment in Japan since its inception. Their expertise lies in designing, manufacturing, and marketing products such as saddle-type water taps, stop valves, and connectors.

In recent years, they’ve expanded their portfolio beyond conventional water supply items. They now focus on developing products used in indoor plumbing and floor heating systems. Additionally, they manufacture and sell water meters (also known as water gauges).

To cater to diverse customer needs and address environmental concerns, they’ve established a production system that prioritizes rigorous quality control. Furthermore, they’ve adapted to changes in water quality standards related to lead by incorporating stainless materials into their products.